5 tips on getting summer body ready

Less is more

Eating smaller portion meals more often throughout the day with light snacks helps boost your metabolism, just be sure your still getting the proper nutrients . Avoid junk foods, put that pizza down!

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Drink water!

Drinking lots of water , even replacing other beverages such as juice or soda, that contains access calories can help get your body in shape. Water also aids in increasing the metabolism as well as cleanse your body. Try drinking water before meals since water is an appetite suppressant it can make you fuller which means fewer calories.


Get to bed!

Listen up, sleep is important guys. You can be the biggest gym rat and eat like an insane health freak and there is still a possibility that you are not seeing the results you want .  Like my mom used to tell my sisters and I when we were young, GO TO BED! Sleep plays a major role in weight loss, depriving yourself of sleep may cause your body to produce glucose and insulin levels of some diabetics. Remember you want to have healthy weight loss. Folks be sure you are getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night . Less sleep can be a hassle because it can decrease your motivation to work out as well as take in the proper diet and eating well.



Ok, so if you’re like me, you suck at gyms and somehow always find an excuse not to go. The truth is exercise is important and if you’re not a gym person fine. Go out for a jog or walk instead. Spend 15-30 min at least being active. Get your heart pumping burn those calories !Get outside and take control of this weight loss goal.  Remember to be consistent , put it on your to-do list and make it a priority if you want to see results .

Put the bottle down!

This maybe a hard one for a lot of people, Alcohol. If you truly want to do this weight loss thing you must cut alcohol out the picture. Alcoholic beverages contain tons of empty calories. It is proven that  the consumption of alcohol can in fact cause weight gain . it can alter fat distribution , and trigger a need for snacking.


From me to you:

Hey all !No matter what your body goal is, just remember this one important thing. DO IT FOR YOU! I can not stress this enough, don’t try to please others, alter your weight because it is your personal choice, be happy being you!





Sis, He’s just not that into you!

download (4)Ladies, ladies,ladies. Stop waiting for him to call, take you  out and sweep you off your feet. He wont . Guys are interesting, a lot of times they could actually really be into you  it just wont feel like it because men make no sense and are nearly impossible to understand. Ha, I’m kidding fellas, but lets be real, we all been there in some way. For example, say you had a crush on a guy , exchanged numbers and a day goes my ….nothing. Two days ,still nothing. Day three , he finally calls y’all hang out and  your excited to see whats going to happen next, but then….. boom, he disappears and you never hear from him again. BUMMER ! Oh well ,his loss. Whether you been through this type of situation or maybe one a bit different here are some ways to tell if a guy is not all that interested in you, listen up ladies & gents this one is going to be good.

He does not text/call much:

Okay, some guys aren’t the best with texting or perhaps their conversation skills aren’t the greatest. However if that boy doesn’t put in the effort to at least see how your day is ,or see if you want to hang out and try to spent time with you. He’s not into you hon.Let me be fair and say ladies you can pick up the phone and call/text him first every once in a while but if it’s all the time, now that’s a problem. Don’t bother stressing yourself waiting on him, move on to better things. Ladies, please if you get that 2am text from a guy telling you to come over, don’t go! His only interested in one thing at them early morning hours, and it’s not getting to know you better.

His body language:

We all know that not all guys flat-out say hey I like you lets date.So we are left to check out his body language. If he is always finding an excuse to be in your bubble such as a leaning gesture of maybe he wants to hug all the time. That’s a good indicator that he is indeed feeling you. Anyhow if he is constantly at a distance or gives one to many high fives ,he might just think of you as a gal pal and not a potential girlfriend.

How he acts around other females:

This is one of the easiest ways to see if a guy is into you. How he is around other women. See if he is smiling  in every girl face you probably don’t want him anyway sis. Don’t ever fret over a guy who flirts with you, then 10 minutes later he’s flirting with two other girls.They can have him. On the other hand if he is simply just being polite and makes it known in front of whoever is around that he has you on his radar then he is a keeper.

fLack of Attention:

Yay! You and him are finally hanging out one on one. All is well, but hold on a second, he hasn’t looked up from his phone in minutes and here you are trying to carry on a conversation that he is barely listening to. His responses are short and he doesn’t seem like he’s focused on you. You begin to wonder why he even bothered asking you out . It could be that he is shy, or it could be that you have been friend-zoned and haven’t even realized. Feel it out and go with you instincts . Your instincts are usually right , if he’s not giving the attention you deserve don’t force it, simply move on.

Here is a clip from the movie He’s Just Not That Into You, check it out: